ღ Heart In Pain. ღ

“Not a lot of people knows, what it feels to be like in pain.
When you can actually feel the pain in your heart. I mean they understand, everybody understands……for a while.
And then they want the kid, who’s in pain,  to do something he knows he can’t do, to move on.
So after a while, people stop understanding, I mean they won’t understand it always. But the kid won’t stop feeling that pain…that Love, the feeling that people won’t feel.
People will always tell that kid  to move on, they find it madness, waiting for her…to come back.”

Here the thing I tell you…..that love you shared with your partner was only felt by you two, not by the whole world or by these people around you. They know about the love, that is why they will understand, But won’t feel it. Because only you two can feel that love. 

I figured it out too late. You got to learn to hide the pain, the suffering, practicing smiling in the mirror. Because people will not always understand, because they don’t feel. But you’ll always feel that pain and love inside your heart. So try to put on a mask.

Sometimes somethings are beyond worth proving to this world, they are just to be feel by our heart.

~ Lokesh Fouzdar (Pleiades)

© Lokesh Fouzdar
© Lokesh Fouzdar

12 thoughts on “ღ Heart In Pain. ღ

  1. It is so hard for most of us to bear the pain of not having our love returned. As you know, Rumi went through such intense pain when Shems left. But moving on doesn’t get rid of the pain, it avoids it. As Rumi says, “the longing is the answer.”

  2. The tender of love and warmth i felt from him is in my memories

    but now am feeling good to read the last stanza that gets
    me geared up…

    Thanks for such poem u shared

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