❦The Most Wonderful Things in our Lives.❦

Most wonderful things happens,

they happens, unexpectedly.

things we did not seldom think of, supposedly.


I was ready to erase myself, very certainly.

this town brings back those memories that always 

left me, heart-brokenly.


This seldom wonderful thing,

one night, came to me, very inexplicably.

This stranger felt so close,

closer than anything else, ever was to me. 


I read in “Angels” by Lang Leav, very recently

that the reason for their presence will become clear,

but slowly.

I waited with love in my broken heart, patiently.


She fills the gaps in my heart, unknowingly.

I realized the purpose of god, very clearly.

She was sent to grow fragrant flowers in my secret garden,
with love simply.


I since say her name, like it’s a sweet poetry.

look into her eyes, like there is a story.
treat her like tomorrow since it isn’t promised,
but rather hopefully.


Lang Leav, though gave a warning, to take carefully.

it was “not to keep” this angel, very closely.

She said, this angel will leave and be gone, permanently.


I wishes, the last part of her paragraph “Angel’ to be wrong,
from my heart, very deeply. 

                                      ~Written by Lokesh Fouzdar (pleiades513). 

You can read “Angels” by Lang Leav here : http://langleav.com/post/41380845770/angels


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