What Your Heart Wants.

You don’t want to do what you want.
It means you want to Do What other people say is right.
You want to please other people.
You are doing everything out of fear.
As long as there is fear….Nothing is done from the heart.
Then such a person is always afraid.
How can he love?
How can he Fly with open wings?
How can he play?
How can he be happy?
When every action is done by constant fear…and thinking about the opinions of the world…then there is no heart in it.
Its like love….when a lover is ready to disappear in his beloved.
Ready to be melt into the lover….only then such courage is there.
as long as there is fear….there is NO love.
its just an illusion.
its just a temporary consolation.
something inward security of the mind.
…mind just wants to be secure…so it hides behind the word LOVE.
Love is something totally different.
It does not want anything in return.
Just to love is enough.


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