Lost – Rumi.

Do not sit lost in your own thoughts.
Get up go to where the Beloved is.
With one foot I am grounded in Sharia,
With my other foot I am One with all nations.
I am free, free I am free because I am in love with Allah.

I am in love with my Creator,
Slave to no human I am the servant of my love Allah,
There is nothing to tie me down,
I am free, free, free.
They figured the value of my head, my robe and my turban,
They were not worth more than a cent.
Have you heard my name in this world?
I am Nothing, Nothing, Nothing.
As long as I live I am the servant of the Quran.
I am the dust under the feet of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).
Whoever belongs to God, God belongs to Him.
Let yourself go, then He will guide you to your goal.
Demonstrate your love with your actions, your morals,
Be aware of the ways of servant people for the sake of Allah.
Feel the pleasure of serving without expectations. Look at those with any faith with the eyes of your soul.

~ Mevlana Rumi


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