70 Days Of Summer Breeze.

There was a gentle heart
Who never gave LOVE, a start
As a girl came into, as a part
And then he never keep themselves apart.

In the hottest summer
The first love has occur.

In the midst of silence,
The seeds of love has grown
But still, he was unknown

As the beauty of love touched his heart
He was full of joy, now love took a start.

No words are exchanged, but the eyes are begin to talk
Silence, it was and we begun to walk.

The feeling, you taught me how to love
I was flying with open heart, It feels like a dove.

And now since we are separated,
I hope you’re doing fine
No one can take your place cuz you are chosen by heart, not by my mind.

– Lokesh Fouzdar.


The Value Of Breath. -Prem Rawat(Maharaji).

You understand the value of money,
and you understand it even more these days,
now that some of it is gone.
When will you understand the value of breath?
Why is it that we understand the value of a
person only when they go away?
Why is it that we understand the value of this breath
only when we cannot take one anymore?
What is the value of this breath? The value of this breath is
that it is what allows you to be you and not dirt.

– Prem Rawat (Maharaji)