Every Sweetest Song Of Mine. -Rumi

You are my Love, you are my Beloved;
You are my heart, my soul, and the faith of mine.

By your breath I am alive;What is one life?
You are a hundred lives of mine.

Without you, bread cannot feed a man;
You are the water and the bread of mine.

By your touch, poison becomes medicine;
You are the cure and the sweet nectar of mine.

You are the garden, the grass,
and the heavens;
You are the cypress, the laughing jasmine of mine.

I have entered that supreme silence.
Please, you go on . . .
My mouth may open, words may come out,
But you are every sweet song of mine….!

~ Rumi


Divinity of our Love. -Rumi.


Hidden from all eyes and ears
let us tell each other of our soul.
Smile like a rose with no lips
and keep silent like a thought.
Let us speak silently the secret like Spirit

and avoid talkers who use words in vain.
Let us join our hands
listen to every flutter of our heart
let us become one in silence.
Divine destiny knows our fate to the last detail
let our story be told in a silent way.

Rumi… ♥