✯ Imagining the Love. ✯

Imagining her Smile, ヅ
those curves of the lips, like a Lily of the Nile.

Imagining her Eyes, ╰☆╮
when she used to stare me, it was the first ray of Sunrise.

Imagining her Whisper, ❆
the sound of her echoes in my ears, you are my Ishtar.

Imagining her Walk, 웃
like a child , holding my hand along a Loch.

Imagining her Lips, ﭢ
that magical touch that I can never forget, it’s a tender Bliss.

Imagining her Hands, ☮
clasped tight with mine, making the future Plans.

Imagining her Fragrance, ❦
my heart start racing, reminding me of her Presence.


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