Some Words From My Unknown Friend John.

“If you say that God is the ‘PAINTER’ of the entire universe.
 If he created all Human beings, animals and birds.
 If the whole world is his painting…
 Then why do you Kill, Hate, Judge, Compare anything that is part of his painting?
 Your belief in God is a LIE that you tell yourself everyday so you can feel a little safe.
 Unless your Love includes every single color of his Painting,
 You cannot know God and his Love through which he created Everything.
 The way you live your Life shows how selfishly you Insult his Creation.”

– John Phoenix(


3 thoughts on “Some Words From My Unknown Friend John.

  1. I believe God gives everyone a chance and a choice to believe or not . The bad things happen because of people and their choices . I know that most people don’t believe this , especially now a days . That’s free choice Good luck

  2. It always confuses me how the faithful church goers are sometimes the most judgmental, as if they’re entitled to such wrong doings just because God knows they are not perfect , I enjoyed this , questions religion if you ask me

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