Fear in your Mind.

“There is fear as long as you want to be secure;
 secure in your marriage, secure in your job, in your position,
 secure in your ideas, in your beliefs, secure in your relationship to God.
 The moment the mind seeks security at any level, there is bound to be fear;
 It is not a matter of so-called purity.
 The mind which is alert, watchful, which is free of fear, is an innocent mind;
 and it is only the innocent mind that can understand reality, truth or God.”


9 thoughts on “Fear in your Mind.

  1. I do not believe the human mind can be absent of fear; therefore, the human mind cannot be innocent; therefore the human mind cannot know God. I don’t think so. God-fearing minds can know God, I think. Maybe not. Probably. God-fearing minds, I suspect, can know God as good as any other kind of mind.

  2. fear is something that we’ve created..we let fear inside our minds, souls..i personally think that people can controle fear..people can controle their mind..they can and those who say they can’t it’s just because they never tried..because they’re too afraid…

  3. I really liked your post about security and fear. It’s so true. Everyone wants security and believes it’s real, that it exists. I know it’s only an illusion. Once you feel secure, you become afraid that you’ll lose it.

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