Your Thirst Inside. – Prem Rawat.

“Changes happen, and changes will happen, 
but there is one thing that has never changed: your thirst for peace, your thirst for joy. 
Ever since you were a little child, 
it has been there, and for as long as you are alive, it’s going to be there. 
Fulfill it. Be fulfilled.”

– Prem Rawat (Maharaji)



2 thoughts on “Your Thirst Inside. – Prem Rawat.

  1. I connect with this. For me i’ve found my fears. Now its just a question of pride I think. What dreams do I have to fufill, do I walk away from this “fear” and walk into this unknown destiny. Do I fufill those desires toward peace. Which road is right which road is wrong. I guess my unknown walk in this next step is where I am drawing all my confusion. I have a need for money. Yet I dislike it so. I need to make money. I need to become educated. But i need to “assend” I am unsure of how to get there with all these tools in my arsenal. I believe I trust. Just need more patience wtih myself. and trust my next step whereever it takes me

    1. My Friend …”you are not just a tiny drop in the ocean, you are the big ocean in the tiny drop.”

      Think About it…

      All the answers you wanna know…are already inside
      you just have to find them..

      And thus you’ll find peace..!!!

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