Moments –> Memories. ~pleiades

“I feel helpless and sad because the most wonderful Moments of my life are now Memories, but sometimes it makes me feel good that I was the one who once lived those Moments.”

(Lokesh Fouzdar).



10 thoughts on “Moments –> Memories. ~pleiades

  1. That moment and that person are erased for ever, and this moment and this person are fresh for ever. This is not memory but FACT. This is the place of solid Peace. Though painful to die to the past, this is the way to peace, happiness and freedom. That’s how the Universe functions.

  2. You are still young yet, so even though the most wonderful moments in your life are now memories, more wonderful moments will come. Memories are actually tricky things… they give us the opportunity to re-play wonderful moments that were so special to us in our hearts over and over. I still remember dancing on my grand-father’s shoes while he sang to me…. I remember running down the aisle at church and up to the podium where he was preaching, because in my childish view, he was my grand-father, not a visiting minister. He died before I turned 4. I treasure those memories and try to make good memories very chance I get. Life is full of good chances to make meaningful memories….. and those memories will help carry us all through. (Just my opinion) 😀

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