Save yourself from this Evil World.

“Hide until everybody forgets about you.”



Her Smile.

“She just looked at me and Smile,

and Smile sunk down deep into my eyes

that heaven knows how can i feel it in my heart.” 

photo by Lokesh Fouzdar.


This is for you each of you. Thank you.

“When I take a look to my blog.. I feel very special… not because it is captivating.
It’s all because of wonderful people like you, who provide me strength to continue every time I fall.  
This blog is as much as yours as it is mine.
Thanks to all followers and each and every visitor on this blog.
I hope I’ve enlighten your heart when you were feeling low. “

Regards \: Lokesh (pleiades513)   🙂


Someday. ~Iris Carter.

“Someday, in the future, there will come a time where the Earth is placid and tranquil.. whether we humans will still be accounted to exist or not, there one day will be peace on this planet. 
Past the wars- no, all of our problematic issues. Suicide, pain.. Everything.
When that day comes.. I’ll be happy. I’ll presumably be dead, but the thought is enough to fill that void.”


Photo by: Adam Dobrovits.