Some people are beautiful for just being who they are. -pleiades.

I would have let my heart grab this pen and put all those feelings into these words that it felt when you are in front of me and away, but I can’t. So I’m trying my best to save our memories in these pages as they will remain here forever keeping you alive for me.
We met again, no matter how many times we had met earlier but every time I saw you, my heart started to pound fast, it’s always like it is going to come out of my chest. And then a sudden feeling of happiness and relief, being with you, a feeling of belonging somewhere, like a home, a feeling when you feel your heart smiling. For my heart, your existence means everything and any chance of meeting you next moment of this life as live, excites my soul. 
The first thing I always do when I see you is to look into your eyes, they never lie. I found pain, innocence, traces of tears, tenderness, love, a child lost and it’s even more amazing that you still manages to smile so beautifully. I don’t think people these days’ notice such details about each other, they are all in rush for getting something without realizing how much they are missing in their lives that they can’t live again. I’ve found what I needed all my life, it’s you and I’m just finding my way in this world because in our hearts we were never apart, our souls always knew each other.
You are very special for me, every detail in you, you are just like a beautiful poetry or painting that is reflecting something that can only be read or seen with having a true heart. You are, always a scared, brave, lost, innocent girl with mixed emotions like a rainbow, seen together lefts a viewer awestruck, and I felt luckiest that you chooses to give your precious love to me.  
There is always a thorn, a thought of losing you in waves of reality, in a sea of practical mind. But it can never drown my heart, it can break but always mend and I promise you’ll find love for you when I will be laying on bed, counting my last breathes. I know these things sounds very cheesy and people can make fun of love but in reality everyone craves for a love deep enough like this and everything they do is to get a little more love from this world.
….and we laughed, so hard like there was no pain in the past, no worries in our future, it was only that moment exists between us and we were living it together and enjoying it, that moment itself was a lifetime for me. It was in that moment I felt what we were searching all through our lives. I could see sparkle in your eyes.
You started doing your college work on computer and sat quietly and I started listening to my music in my earphones. Everything else just disappeared it was only you in front of me and the sound of the music. It was like in movies, looking at you becomes so much different that it was like I gained new senses in my body. You were doing your work and didn’t realize I was staring at you and in that moment you were the most amazing thing that I had ever seen since first looking at the stars, or standing in full moon light, it was a complete different experience with the music in my ears. You were settling your hair around your ear, talking with hand gestures, blinking your big velvet eyes, at the moment I swear you were the most amazing thing in this whole universe, there are so many beautiful things in our universe that are hidden that people have never seen and you’re certainly one of them. Everybody has seen that you are beautiful from outside, but I pity everyone that only if they could see how amazingly beautiful you are from inside, inside your soul.
As I was living inside a dream that was real, you caught me staring at you and you pulled out your tongue and start making funny faces at me and I was completely enchanted by you and I really wanted the time to stop there so I could live in there forever.


Cookie Monster (:



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