Separation. -Irshad Kamil.

“Birhaa ka dukh kaahe ho baanke,
Dikhe mohe tu hi jiya mein jo jhaankiye.

Pal pal ginti hoon aathon hi pahar,
Kitne baras huey mohe haan kiye.

Naina nihaaro more bhor se jhare,
Preet mori piya baaton se na aankiye.

Main hi mar jaaun ya mare dooriyan.

Dooriyon ki chadaron pe yaadein taankiye..”


“Why should there be sorrow of separation, oh boy
when it’s only you  I see, when I see inside my heart.

I’ve counted every moment,
in every eight divisions of day and night,
how many years have passed since I said Yes.

Look at my eyes, they’ve been crying since morning,
My Beloved, Don’t value my Love for you
from My Words.
(don’t estimate my love for you, just from my words,
look at my teary eyes too.)
I should die or these distances between us should die.

Sew our memories on the bed sheets of distances. ”

– Irshad Kamil (Chali Kahani, Tamasha.)



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