Tere Bina. – Gulzar.

“तेरे बिना चाँद का सोना, खोटा रे
पीली-पीली धूल उंड़ावे झूठा रे
तेरे बिना सोना पीतल
तेरे संग कीकर पीपल
आजा…. काटे ना रतियाँ.

तेरे बिना बेसुवादी,   बेसुवादी रतियाँ
ओ सजना,
रूखी रे ओ रूखी रे,
काटूँ रे कटे, कटे ना…”

– Gulzar.

though it is near impossible to translate
the pureness of the words of Gulzar but here’s the Rough Translation:

“Without you the moonlight appears fake
everything is false, like dust in my eyes,
without you, the gold seemed to be brass,
with you, the wild bush turn to green grass.

Without you the nights has lost their meaning,
O beloved.
the night’s are plain cold, comeback
I cannot seems to pass through these nights. ”


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