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61 thoughts on “About Me. ツ ☚

  1. thanks for viewing my NOTHING BLACK BUT A CADILLAC blog. My next upload to Amazon dot com will be an alternative reality nouvella that is suffused with spiritual love through both life and death.
    And you’re right. Messi is the best.

  2. Thank you for following mylifeasasquirrel and liking “Trouble in paradise.” It brought me here again and again, I feel at peace and inspired. You have a great blog. I will be visiting it more often.

  3. I got a message that you “liked” my post, “I Want To Be Kissed” almost immediately after I published it. Did you really read the whole thing? It seemed like there wasn’t enough time to really read all of it. I’m trying to understand how this posting stuff works. I don’t even know how, when or where a new post pops up. Can you help me understand how it works?

    1. Umm…..
      here you go….i really liked your post name…
      “I Want To Be Kissed”…
      and then it reminds me of my love and i like it immediately…i don’t why…. and then i started reading your long story.. 🙂

  4. Rumi:

    I am sharing this quote with you.

    “I have no objections to churches so long as they do not interfere with God’s work.” — Brooks Atkinson, “November 10,” Once Around the Sun (1951).

    Thank you for sharing,

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