Time, Love. ~pleiades.

I know thoughts kept you bugging all night,
It’s hard for you to stop thinking
for a while,
But love,
don’t worry, these thoughts
I know will never die.
But also together while thinking,
we will live a life.

You maybe confused and sigh,
finding answers,
In places that had died.

“You’re special”, I say
And you always asked why ?

I didn’t have the answer
But slowly I will show you why.

~ pleiades.


Awakening. -Prem Rawat.

“Awakening is when you understand for yourself that you want your heart to be fulfilled. 
It’s not so important when it happens, as long as it happens. 
When is never the issue. 
It may take a hundred years, but when you awaken, the ninety-nine years before are not lost. 
Whatever journey had to be taken, whatever had to happen, whatever it took—it happened.”

– Prem Rawat (Maharaji).


Your Thirst Inside. – Prem Rawat.

“Changes happen, and changes will happen, 
but there is one thing that has never changed: your thirst for peace, your thirst for joy. 
Ever since you were a little child, 
it has been there, and for as long as you are alive, it’s going to be there. 
Fulfill it. Be fulfilled.”

– Prem Rawat (Maharaji)