Love Always Comes As A Surprise – Peter Asher

Love, always comes as a surprise
You don’t need to close your eyes
‘Cause soon you’ll recognize
Its colors

Life, well it always has a twist
Something new that can’t be missed
And you know I can’t resist
This feeling

I used to feel so far from home
I thought all hope had flown
Just a dreamer on my own
And I know

Life’s complicated
But we have to try
To find our own future
With you at my side

We can all work together
To build something new
I know you can see it
Let’s make it come true

Time, well it passes by so fast
We must make each moment last
And treasure each and
Every feeling

Friends, are what make it all worthwhile
Just try and show a little style
And life can put a smile
On your face

Don’t, ever give up on your dreams
As hard as things may seem
We can win through in the end
Believe me

Fears and illusion
To die may be caused
But things can still change
The future at last

Can be held in our hands
And out of the blue
With friends on our side
To have the endings come true

The Book Of Heart. – Prem Rawat(Maharaji).

Within you is the perfect book- the Book of Hearts. 
It is so perfect that even the illiterate can read it. 
It is so well written that even the blind can read it. 
The paper that it is written on never deteriorates. 
The ink never fades away. The Book of Hearts has never been revised, and it never will be. 

It has never been commented on, and every person who has read the book has understood it. 
It is the only book that gives you answers, not questions.

– Prem Rawat (Maharaji).


The Gift Of Peace. – Prem Rawat (Maharaji)

The Gift Of Peace.    - Prem Rawat (Maharaji)

There is something real in you.
There is something beautiful in you.
If you want to be mesmerized by beauty,
be mesmerized by the beauty that is within you.
If you want to understand something, understand yourself.
If you want to love, love this beautiful breath that comes into you.
If you do this, you will be given a gift of Peace, joy, love
– not in thoughts, not in words, but in feeling.
And that is no ordinary gift.

– Prem Rawat (Maharaji)