C’est la vie. ~pleiades.

Under the blue sky,
when the winds all smiles
I’ll carry you,
where no one can make you cry.

A place where your heart smiles,
you can see us shine
through the darkness of the times.

Just take a trip with me far away,
we will discover a life like dream, awake.

Endless fields in mountains of the east,
we will sing, laugh and scream,” c’est la vie”



Time, Love. ~pleiades.

I know thoughts kept you bugging all night,
It’s hard for you to stop thinking
for a while,
But love,
don’t worry, these thoughts
I know will never die.
But also together while thinking,
we will live a life.

You maybe confused and sigh,
finding answers,
In places that had died.

“You’re special”, I say
And you always asked why ?

I didn’t have the answer
But slowly I will show you why.

~ pleiades.


Happiness around the corner. -pleiades.

Read Words with sublime Music. 🙂

went out to buy some happiness around the corner,
saw a guy punch the other yelling “I’m stronger”,

and this is what,
this world has become
men killing each other,
and celebrate yelling “we’ve won.”

no love, no compassion,
no heart, just war,
this is right, this is wrong,
that’s all I’ve ever saw.

went out to buy some happiness around the corner,
that love you seek,
they say doesn’t exist any longer.

saw a kid stood by, starring up in the sky,
i wonder that if she could ever fly,
the crooks are waiting, for her all around,
the humanity that they’ve buried in the ground.

went out to buy some happiness around the corner,
they say humans now here,
doesn’t exist any longer.

– pleiades.